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Drum roll please. Based in Portland, Oregon, Sidekick Socks is jumping on the scene to help take your sock drawer to the next level.

Inspired by nature, with a love for design and a passion for quality, we are committed to American manufacturing. These socks are a beacon for hip and funky sock-lovers everywhere.

Every day is filled with the opportunity for adventures and every adventure-seeking hero needs a dependable, trustworthy, and savvy sidekick. Sidekicks are a necessary companion for any hero and Sidekick Socks are a critical accessory for their feet.

Sidekick Socks appeal to all ages. From fashion forward sock enthusiasts to professionals who are proud to have their pant leg lift to reveal a brilliantly colored and fun patterned sock beneath. Whether your particular brand of adventure is rocking some epic socks at the office, colorfully mingling with happy hour drinks at the local watering hole, or conquering a new hiking trail with pizzazz, Sidekick Socks are going to add some zest to the every day.

Not just awesome socks, but a company with awesome values. For every pair of socks sold, Sidekick donates a pair to someone in need.

Never compromising in quality, Sidekick Socks is an American-made sock line that celebrates responsible manufacturing processes and a dedication to earth conscious recycled cotton yarns. Learn more about our eco-friendly values and earth-friendly initiatives HERE.

Express your free spirit, explore the world and share your brilliant unicorn ideas wearing Sidekick Socks.

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